Call Arnie, there’s a Predator.

We have been using a thermal imaging camera to see where we can improve insulation.

The new insulation in the attic of the mansion is working as evidenced by the blue of the roof and windows.

east gable1
east gable2
This is the east gable of the Airedale Barn. The rectangle in the upper picture is an uninsulated door; the lower picture shows the same door after it was insulated the following day.

The Great Barn has no internal heating but builds up warmth from the sun. The red line at the bottom is heat escaping from the ground.

This shows how the good the camera is, this is our House Steward stood in front of a glass panel in a door and the camera is picking up his heat signature.

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Mat’s bound to be improved.

Over the season of 2012 we had just short of 38,000 visitors and the binding on the matting started to fall apart so over the winter we had to send it away to be rebound.

First it comes up.

Then it goes back down Mike and his assistant Jack (a carjack that is) hard at it.

Under she goes.

Assistant (car) Jack goes under the other side.

And there we have it.

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We never get board

We had to replace the window board in the Lady’s Chamber which had been damaged years ago by water ingress, the gap had to be pointed with cement, we saved as much of the original board as possible.

Underneath we found a selection of window glass, a button, two clay marbles, a brass pin, a small blue plastic heart, a scrap of paper, two used matches, a piece of nutshell and a piece of ceramic. A pound coin is shown for scale.

The joiners then spliced a new section to the old piece and re-seated it.

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We’ve got the white stuff

Back of the house.

Mysterious frozen green socks (?) on a line. If these are yours and you want them back get in touch. No questions asked.

All that remains of the Starkie wing which was pulled down in 1905 due to the structure failing.

Our palm trees have gone a bit thin in the cold.

View towards Crossflatts and Bingley.

Jade vacuuming a wall. I’m sure there’s a good reason for this but I’m not sure what it is.

Frozen, but happy ducks.

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Slash ‘n’ Burn!

Not quite. Woodland management in fact. Here we are coppicing (a heavy trim) which as well as tidying the area up will allow us to use the willow for various things such as fencing when it grows back.

What it used to look like down by the river.

This is coppicing.

Our volunteers Steven and Colin.

Men! Fire!

Snow grafitti from “Suggy”, Riddlesden’s Banksy.

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Lets get plastered

Copy of GCC20 Continue reading

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Not Ghostbusting…

We are not Ghostbusting, we are getting rid of all the dirt and grime that has built up over the year. This is just one of the many jobs we do in the closed season.

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